Friday, September 2, 2011

Really Easy Everyday Eye

I would hardly call this a tutorial, rather just a quick explanation of what I do on the weekends when my plans consist of laundry and cooking, with an evening movie at home with our roommates. Enjoy nevertheless. xx

Start with a bare eye.

Next take a cream eyeshadow of choice, here I'm using Flatter Me by Benefit.

Just blend simply with a clean finger, up to the crease and blend it into nothing to the brow bone. Also on an angled brush, take a little bit of the cream shadow under the lower lash line.

Next take a volumizing mascara, here using Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash

And you're done!


  1. The colour of that eyeshadow is so pretty! Really tempted to get it now.

  2. You should try L'oreal Telescopic (carbon black, normal not waterproof) mascara. I've used it on about 10 of my friends and its worked wonders on them all!! (&they all look completely diff btw)