Wednesday, February 8, 2012

new in: beauty

 Just recently picked up these beauties. Actually Tyler did for me, but I'll pay him back :P
I was in the market for an Urban Decay eyeliner, and I knew I only wanted Urban Decay because I'm in love with the shade Zero, and it's my absolute fav. Well, there was so much hype about this Perversion shade so I decided to get it! First impression is it's definitely darker than Zero which I didn't think it would be.
Second, I already own MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 which is a little too dark and too yellow toned for me, so I had the MAC makeup artist try some NW20 on me and it actually looks great. When I swatch them together, NW20 is actually more peachy and darker, but it blends into my skin perfectly!


  1. do you think the mac concealers are worth the price? any dupes you could reccommend??


  2. I love Zero too - I'm surprised this is darker! Might look into getting this when Zero is on it's last legs.

  3. im nw20 too! woohoo! haha i would love to try that mac concealer

  4. Two products I love so much :)