Friday, March 2, 2012

6 Things You Can Do Now to Destress

Forgive Yourself If you help yourself to an extra scoop of ice cream that isn’t low-fat, or treat yourself to a soda. We are human and deserve luxury, otherwise what are we living for?

Reflect Three Minutes a Day Most ideas sprout while in the shower (like my idea for this article,) so if you can’t find time during the day, take the time in your shower to think about your day. Whether it’s something negative or something that got you excited, let it all wash down the drain so you can sleep more soundly.

Analyze the Size of Your Problems If the problem you are facing won’t affect you in a year, chances are it doesn’t deserve the stress you are giving it. Imagine your size on this giant Earth. Each individual is so small, and their problems even smaller however large they may seem to you.

Breathe a Few Deep Breaths It calms the nerves, lowers the heart rate, and helps you focus on any situation with clarity. It only takes ten seconds.

Take Time for You Everyday Do something you love whether it’s just sitting and watching TV, listening to music and belting along, reading, surfing the web, do it everyday so you get a sense that your busy schedule doesn’t own you. You ultimately have the control.

Know there is Always Time, Be Flexible If you have to cram, it’s okay to take a few minutes for a break even if it’s already midnight. If you cram straight through with no breaks, and then hit the pillow, it can take you more time to fall asleep simply because you didn’t pause once. Your body will forgive you for going to bed late, just don’t make a habit of it.


  1. Awesome post! I think people often forget so many of these things and we just cause ourselves so much unnecessary stress.

  2. Great Post!!! Perfect timing, exactly what I needed to read today.
    I might even print it off so I can look at it later.

    p.s. I added your blog to my list of "favorite blogs"
    Your pictures are amazing by the way.
    How do you take such lovely self photos?