Friday, May 11, 2012

the most amazing skirt ever

Motel Becka Skirt in Mountain
Shirt I made!
Collar from Forever 21


  1. i've seen this once before and slobbered over it. SO GREAT.
    and of course you wear it well.

  2. This skirt is genuinely the most lovely thing I've seen! I've just stumbled across your YT (I'm a YT beauty guru, also) and fell in love with your videos. Of course I then found your blog, your horror blog and your tumblr and loved them all too! I wish you lived in London near me because I'd love to meet you. You seem so awesome and we could watch horror movies together and talk about makeup! :D

    Amy xx

    1. aw thank you! I wish I lived in London too seems amazing there :) and we seem so alike from what I can tell with your bio on your blog! it's amazing, psych, English lit, haha we're very much the same. and both daydreamers I see ;) what is your youtube username?! xx

    2. We do seem to be! I'm thecameraliesbeauty xx

  3. Hey Sarah. I love this skirt, it reminds me of a top i saw recently very similar to this skirt. Check it out, you might like it:
    I'm not gutsy enough to wear it but you might be! :)