Saturday, July 21, 2012

another day.

I'm not going to lie, these photos make me really proud. I have been working really hard on eating right and exercising regularly to tone my body and gain lean muscle. Also to make myself strong for Yosemite hiking next month, and just overall stronger. It is now that I finally see progress! I will be posting a diet video this week (I am not the healthiest person, and don't claim to be; I have just been making better choices.) I will also film a workout routine for home on how to tone your entire body! (I am not a professional, I just wish to share my personal routine.)

Floral Crop Top from Clobba in San Francisco
Jeans from Forever 21
Rose Gold Glitter Necklace from Rockville Monroe Etsy Shop:


  1. girl you look fabulous! And I love the outfit! So feminine and fun for summer :)

  2. Love this outfit. Your body looks great :) x

  3. looking good girl! keep it up , it working' . . .such a beautiful and simple outfit. xx

  4. This could be easily be my style! I love floral! And I really really like the necklace!!

  5. I love the top... It has such nice colors... :)