Sunday, November 25, 2012

I got a tattoo!

I got inked yesterday! I have wanted this tattoo for such a long time, and it is so meaningful for my life right now. I will be posting a video about it, but I will explain here too I suppose.
The meaning:
It is from Modest Mouse, the song "Float On" which is such an amazing song. I have loved this song since 8th grade, and I always listen to it when I'm down or sad because the lyrics. "Well we'll all float on good news is on the way." and also, "Even if things end up a bit too heavy we'll all float on."
These words remind me that all will be okay one day. It is also facing me so that I can read it whenever I need to be reminded.
The typefont is significant as well. I am a writer and wanted a tattoo also to symbolize that. I was originally going to go with a pretty cursive font, but that just simply wasn't right for me. I needed something else significant mixed in, so typefont was perfect.

The pain:
It hurt. Like a B. The artist actually had to do the outline first and then shade it, I was not expecting this. As he finished the outline, I began to get light headed so he stopped and stepped out of the room for a moment. I peek over at the progress and it's just empty box letters. I realized how much was left, and the next thing I know I'm on the floor in my best friends arms asking if I fell asleep. Yes, I passed out. There were parts that didn't hurt, and others that vibrated pain all the way to my fingers (the "t" was the worst pain.) It was an embarrassing experience for sure, but the artist didn't make me feel bad for passing out, he brought me chips and water, and was completely understanding. I obviously was able to finish just fine and just blared some music and talked with my bestie. I have no regrets about placement, font, or saying. It was the most perfect tattoo I could get for this stage of my life. <3


  1. OMG I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I love how open and honest you are with everyone.

  2. I have 11 Tattoos and some hurt and made me feel light headed (i even passed out once too) and others barely hurt at all just depends on where you get them put on you. Love what your new ink, the placement and font are perfect:) xx

    Sara <3

  3. I love it Sarah, so perfect! I love you btw!

  4. So pretty, suits you perfectly. All the best with the current changes in your life! Obviously don't know the circumstances, but you're a strong lady.

    Hey if you ever want to do a mail swap with me (New Zealand based) I'd be really keen! Maybe not make up since the only thing we'd have that you don't are Aussie products. But jewellery, horror and foody stuff maybe? Email if you want :-)

  5. Looks gorgeous! You're a brave soul Sarah, I've thought about tattoos for a little while but I'm too scared haha!

    xx Ellie 

  6. Looks wonderful is there any other ones you want to get?

  7. Ahhh, I absolutely love your blog! I've been going from post to post :)

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  8. LOVE your tattoo.. I also got a reminder tattoo.. as I like to call them.. because they are meaningful messages that we want to see everyday so they remind us of this. Mine is on my left wrist.. because it is my weakest since Im a righty... and it says try harder.. <3 xx

  9. I love this post!


  10. Man, I have been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while. I get pretty queasy when it comes to needles, though. I have the perfect idea of a tattoo that I want so I'll just have to suck it up and do it! My best friend has a bunch of tattoos and he said it's worth the pain.