Monday, March 25, 2013

randoms from that controversial day

This is the cemetery where I basically grew up. As kids, my neighbors and I would ride our bikes through here, play games, watch horror movies, while always being respectful. The mausoleum (above) was one of my favorite parts; we could hide back here, pretending to run away.

The old graves are hypnotizing. To read the ages of people who've passed in another century is truly beautiful. I get it, I'm morbid, I've gotten plenty of backlash already for "disrespecting" this cemetery. It's where I grew up, it's sentimental to me, and I am the last person to disrespect such a place.

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  1. cute!
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    thank you!
    love lottie xxxx

  2. i really can't believe that i'm reading this, since you're telling my story!! i grew up on cemetary too, and always felt so special when i'm there. I'm from Serbia btw, long lost twin sis, i've been watching your videos on yt for a couple od years now, but now that i saw this post, it amazed me so much