Friday, April 5, 2013

girl on fire

I went to the salon again! Goodbye roots, I will miss you until the end of this week when you return. I asked to have the toner left on a little longer to take some more of the yellow out, and I'm really happy with the results! Possibly next time I will be closer to the white blonde that I seek.

Also loving my new UNIF fire crop top. It's my first UNIF piece and I love just staring at it!


  1. You really are stunning :) I know you haven't done the reverse ombre deliberately but trust me it looks amazing, much better than one colour!

  2. You are so cute!!! Love the title of this blog post... You are seeming more grown up in your latest videos and posts, not that you weren't before just seems like you have been through something and came out stronger!

  3. This cut sold me on the color! Love!

  4. gorgeous :)
    I have to dye my dark roots soon :{
    Dreading it, it'll go wrong fer sure.

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  6. Very pretty look. The red lip against your blonde hair is perfect!


  7. I am officially in love with your blonde.

  8. OmG I love love love that hair with the flames on the shirt :)
    I really enjoy your photos and your videos

    I have a blog and recently startet a youtube it would mean so much to me if I got some feedback from someone who does videos for such a long time :)

    XOXO Bee <3

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