Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lifetime Obsessions.

I call this lifetime obsessions because that's what these are. Consider it like an all time favorites combined with a monthly favorites. Firstly, these boots. THE boots. All-time favorite shoes, so comfortable, only paid $34.50, and I wear them everyday. (They're by Forever 21, but no longer sold, however, they have plenty at the store near me!)

This sweater is heaven. Really inexpensive, and comfortable. Here's the link to it directly, but if you live in the US, you have or order $100 worth to place an order. Not to mention, it's out of stock.

Sigma Bare Palette is a must. I use this alternately everyday with the below product. Honestly, I prefer it over the Naked Palette, but I prefer a range of perfect medium browns and greys with smoky (the most pigmented you've ever seen) blacks, and awesome highlights.

Of course the beautiful. The only.

The most versitile face product I own. Trace Gold blush by MAC is an all time favorite because it works as the perfect transitional color as an eyeshadow, contour bronzer, and rosy neutral blush. That is a useful product if you ask me, and for the price, you basically get three in one.

The best skin care item I have. It has taken a month, but I finally see results, my skin has never looked better. Korres Wild Rose Brightening Serum.

I never use anything else anymore, it's my dream mascara.

Probably the best eyeliner ever invented. Perfect on blue eyes, perfect for a bronzy, brown smokey eye. Love.

The best foundation combination ever. I use the Estee Lauder Idealist Skin Illuminator everyday regardless of foundation. It adds the lost luminosity back into the skin that can be lost with full coverage foundations, which can make skin quite dull. Currently also loving Revlon Colorstay Foundation.

Random lifetime favorite I know, but one of my favorite parts of the holidays is the flavor of the season. Peppermint, pumpkin spice, eggnog, gingerbread. And now I can have a peppermint mocha or peppermint hot chocolate at home.

I love fake meat personally, these are some favorites, I eat them everyday without fail. Also love Veggie Trails Meatless Meatballs (they remind me of Chinese food for no reason.)


  1. omg I love those boots!!! xx

  2. wow I LOVE the boots too!!! I've never been one for Forever 21 shoes, but that pair may just have me sold!