Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Essentials: Footwear

This is my favorite time of year for footwear because I actually fit in. I wear boots year 'round but this is the most appropriate time of the year, of course. This whole post and video is about boots and nothing else.

The classic. Doc Martens withstand the test of time and any weather.

Forever 21 has hit or miss shoes, and I always hit. These beauties might be a knock-off, but they're $100 cheaper. I'll take 'em.

Ultimate hit from Forever 21. Wish I got backups of these babies, because they're just that, my children. These are my favorite shoes of the moment, any season.

Wellies are of course a necessity if you live where it rains, sadly it ONLY rains here, I never see snow. But these Urban Outfitters boots I scored for $20 have a hot pink lining and will keep my feet dry while still being chic! (love that they have a biker feel to them!)

The oldest of the shoes. These ALDO shoes I've worn to the ground. Classic soft leather boot with buckles. Casual and cute.

Heeled chelsea boots like these H&M ones are a must. They might be a fad, but they are a very pretty fad.


  1. Sarah, I have a question. I got Doc Martens (same model as yours) for Christmas last year but I do not know how to style them. They are a black patent leather, and I think that's what throws me off. Any ideas?

  2. LOVE the studded ones from Forever21! xx

  3. I really like those h&m chealsea boots!! Did you get them recently?



  4. Hey! Yes I love boots and now I think I have three good pairs of them. I love your collection it's amazing.

    XOXO from Colombia :D

  5. love the chelsea booots babe!