Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This year hasn't been very Christmasy for me, and now that I can't really do anything, go anywhere, I can't complete my Christmas shopping. So many of others' presents will come early next year. Including the gifts for the winners of my Holiday Giveaway. I took some snapshots in the least of what decorations I do have up around my house. Tyler and I never even finished decorating our tree! Above is just a blurred photo of our lit tree which I find beautiful enough. Simple. All decor from Dollar Tree. 

What I wore Christmas Tree "hunting"
Forever 21 Scarf, Army Jacket, and jeans
Wet Seal Cardigan
Converse Sneakers
H&M Fingerless Gloves
Ray Ban Aviators

Before it was cut down!

And after. :P

Best Candle EVER. 

And some others I've been burning tons this year.


  1. Hope that was from a tree farm and not from the wild (as it appears). Trees serve an important part in the ecosystem. Among serving as a habitat for organisms, they also absorb carbon (C) and release oxygen (O2) into the atmosphere.