Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette First Thoughts!

I was one of the lucky 5,000 to first receive the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette. Now if you're looking for a review that is going to critique it gram by gram, and a comparison this is not the review. I'm going to simply state, it is amazing in its own right apart from the Naked one palette, there need be no comparison from me for two reasons: I see them as two separate palettes, and two, there are hundreds already posted on blogs like HERE and YouTube like HERE.

So I love this palette. Although I am warm skinned, I prefer a taupe eye shadow any day of the week. This palette is much more cool-toned than the first so I will say that in comparison, that the first was primarily warm-toned, which is why they do not need to be compared beyond that.

So far, just from swatching it, my first time using it will be tomorrow morning, my favorite shadows are Bootycall as a highlight, Snakebite, Pistol, YDK, and Busted though it's not as opaque as I had hoped. Also, am SO happy there is a matte black shade included, as well as two other matte colors, as this would be amazing for crease work or eyeliner.
(Swatches will be posted eventually, click on the links mentioned above for some now if you like.)

You can buy the palette here:
Don't worry if it's out of stock, you can sign up to receive and e-mail announcing when it's back, but it, like the first, is a PERMANENT palette. So if not now then someday!

The brushes included are very nice, but the blending brush will be just that as it is too large for me to use in my crease. The lip color I have not swatched, but it does not appeal to me because of the color, a little bright, and the "plumping" aspect. Not a fan.


  1. Great post, you are very lucky to have this baby! Love your photo's they are so clear. What camera do you use? Sorry if you have answered this before somewhere I couldn't find it.

  2. Badass pics :) I really, really enjoyed the quality of those. I'm going to try my damndest to get this one. I get sold over and over again when people say that this is the palette that is cool-toned. I have Baltic coloring since I'm half Greek, so whenever I wear a light/med eyeshadow it isn't plain looking. I've got 1 or 2 layers of color (if I decide to wear foundation on my eyes) before eyeshadow anyways. And I've seen too much Jersey-based reality shows to really want to do a smokey eye, so 2 vs 1 is a win!

  3. I love the Naked2 palette, and I totally agree with you, the two palettes do not need to be compared. Also agree with you on the lipgloss, bleh wish it was something else.