Saturday, January 7, 2012

My New Obsession

I recently discovered Violet E. and find myself scrolling through her archive whenever I'm on my computer, and also on my phone when I'm away from my computer. She has a naturalness to her that I look for in myself. Her style is so her own, and she nails it. She has a idgaf attitude that I'm so drawn to. Also, her makeup is always creased, and her lips always dark, and for some reason, always flawless. Here are some inspiring photos from her blog.

One thing that I'm not a fan of is her constant smoking in her photos. I don't think that's a cool look for anyone.
Her blog is everything I wish mine was, and I'm definitely stealing some outfits from her!

(I'm in no way trying to "steal" these photos, they are all taken from her blog here:
please check her out!)

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  1. Hey! I'm definitely going to check that blog she looks amazing! thx