Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love my shirt. I've owned it for probably six years now. System of a Down has been one of my favorite bands since 8th grade. They're an Armenian metal band that focuses on government and other issues in America and all over the world. In case you didn't know. The best album they have ever done has to be Toxicity. They, among other bands, helped me keep my sanity throughout high school, which is not a fun time for anyone what with all the emotions and cliques that I just was never a part of. I'm depressed this band is no longer together. They broke up a while back, and they may have other side projects, nothing beats them together. This is just one of those t shirts that will grow old with me, and while I may be a sixty year old woman one day, don't doubt you'll see me walking down the street with this shirt on my back.
Today I wore this tee with maroon skinny jeans, (yes my Forever 21 ones) and my new moto boots from ALDO and an H&M faux leather jacket.

A few favorite songs by SOAD:
The Highway Song
Chop Suey!
Deer Dance
The Prison Song
Holy Mountains
Mr. Jack
(and so many more! Basically anything on any of their five albums!)


  1. I secretly love their Pizza song :P

  2. Ah I haven't listened to SOAD in ages! Toxicity was a brilliant album :) I quite liked some of Serj's solo stuff but only a few songs. And I'm the same with my Iron Maiden t-shirt - I shall never part with it!