Friday, June 22, 2012

new in: accessories

Finally a new blog post! This is an assortment of new jewelry I've picked up, all of it is very affordable, and I will leave links at the end where to get some pieces!

 glint & gleam jewelry:
 Rose Gold Screw Cuff

Rose Gold Key Cuff 

 Delicate Arrow Cuff

Assorted Rose Gold including Bone Bangles 

New favorite combination of arm candy. Now all I need is a rose gold watch. and H&M Barcode Ring:

glint & gleam Ring Set 

JewelMint Houdini Hand Cuff Bracelets 

eBay Jewelry
(PS this combination will soon be yours to win - details soon!)

Skull Cuff:
Rivet Bracelet:


  1. I love it all! I have been wanting an arrow cuff for the longest time!

  2. all of these are so awesome! I love that barcode ring

  3. So gorgeous! love all the pieces!

  4. I got the Houdini bracelets from Jewelmint too! So cool! Love the arrow cuff too!

  5. All of these are so stunning! I totally LOVE the rose gold bangles :) x

  6. I'm always looking for new places to buy accessories besides Forever 21 and thrift stores lol. I love your post!

  7. OMG... this cant be good for my jewelry obsession...