Monday, June 25, 2012

Most Beautiful Shirt Ever

Shirt from
Shorts by Cheap Monday from Urban Outfitters (cut them from jeans)
Jewelry from Target, H&M, and Forever 21


  1. Gosh! Your eyes are even more stunnign than the whole outfit and let me tell you I am seriously in love with that shirt! <3

  2. Yay! Sarah, loving the styling per usual :) I just bought this shirt! I'm stoked!!

  3. Im in love with that shirt, so pretty! The whole look is amazing on you!

  4. you should not mind haters one bit... it's ok for people not to have the same taste (in clothes and in other) and some like to think their taste is the best and everything else sucks or worse, that their opinion is waaaay more important than anyone else's.... also, consider the people who just have fierce ways of expressing their opinions, or who are simply jealous....

    anyway, when i saw the title in your 1st post about the shirt i expected sth else and i can't honestly say i liked the shirt... BUT, It looks SOOO nice on you!! Like seriously it's perfect, it's fashion, and i really got now what you saw when you bought it and the way you thought it would look... It really is quite pretty indeed.... Truly love it, and admire your sense of style!! =]


    ps. i'm sad you don't show us any shoes with that though... :(

  5. I agree, this shirt is perfeeeect! <3

  6. wow, this is seriously perfect!

  7. Now I really need this Shirt!!!