Saturday, October 6, 2012

transforming my apartment

This is the first year I have considered Halloween to be my favorite holiday of them all. If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with Christmas. Well, that love is slowly dying I'm sad to say, and my love for Halloween is greatly growing! It only makes sense it would be my favorite holiday though with how obsessed I am with all things horror. This year, my work is dressing up, and we are decorating the whole office in a theme! (This I will reveal after Halloween as we are in competition with other offices, and I know some of those people know about my YouTube channel!) Also, the night of the 27th, I will be throwing a Halloween party at my apartment, which got me in the spirit to decorate this weekend. Much thanks to my best friend Sam, or s1021g on YouTube, for helping me decorate, and come up with some great ideas! Some of you have already guessed who I am dressing up as this holiday, Samara from The Ring. Again, it only makes sense it being my favorite horror movie of all time. For years now I have wanted to be her for Halloween with no where to go. This year, living on my own with Tyler, we can make our apartment the place to be! If you're curious, Tyler will be dressed as Gandalf the White from Lord of the Rings. I will post plenty of photos both from my party, and my work. Until then, enjoy these fun photos of what I have surrounded myself with! I just smile when I look around me :)


The entrance to my bedroom naturally would be labeled insane asylum. 

Can't forget the kitties! They want to celebrate too!

In the bathroom. 

My friend and I creatively came up with this combo ourselves! It has a little flameless candle in the middle. 

I never thought in a million years I would be posting a photo of my toilet, but isn't this decal fun?! 

Entrance to kitchen

Please let me know what your favorite thing is about this great holiday, and how you will be celebrating! xx


  1. Ah, I love this! I'm not a big Halloween lover myself, but I love to see festive people around the holiday times. You've made even me want to pull out some wall decals and candles! That toilet decal is amazing, haha.

    - Samantha

  2. Did you hit up the dollar tree? I did, and I have a bunch of those decorations :) Your house looks super cute, great job on decorating!!!

  3. Oh, I love it! It doesn't have a cheesy look at all, which is what usually happens. I love the skewed photo frames, nice little touch.

  4. made your apartment look super cute and it fits you so well!