Wednesday, March 5, 2014

i'm going to miss it

as some of you know, I will be dying my hair brown in 8 weeks! :O
I know, it's so sad and it's only because I love change so much that I feel like I need to do something new with my hair.
who knows what I'll end up doing once it's brown and harder to change cause I ain't ever going back to bleach unless it's back to ombre.
let's all mourn the purple and pink hair these next two months.


  1. Hair love <3

  2. Bye bye beautiful hair, I will miss you. But Im excited to see the brown as well.

  3. Last picture is super adorable <3 well you still got a couple of weeks to get tired of this color ;)

  4. Śliczne włosy.

  5. This color is beautiful on you. At least there are pictures to look back at. :)

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