Monday, November 17, 2014


Why is seeking help so hard? Just twenty minutes ago, I made the phone call to my school's counseling services. As I did so, my heart was beating fast, my palms sweaty (knees weak arms spaghetti ... okay sorry no.) It wasn't just because I hate talking on the phone either. Okay maybe that was part of it. Ultimately though I was nervous to reach out, to say "I need help."

I know I'm not alone in this. Even though I am such an advocate for counseling, and tell everyone they should try therapy, I've never tried it myself. Not only that, I am scared to try it myself. It's come to a point where I feel like I need it. That doesn't always have to be the case, however. Everyone needs someone to talk to, and not everyone has that resource. Most colleges offer free sessions with a counselor, whether it be a peer or licensed therapist. It doesn't hurt to call and make that screening appointment. (A lot of insurance companies also cover appointments!)

If you needed someone to push you in the right direction and seek help, consider it this. If you're struggling, reach out to someone; a counselor, your regular physician. It's okay to be scared for courage does not come from lack of fear, but overcoming it.



  1. I think there's this struggle to not be perceived as weak or somehow faulty if you ask for help. It's taken me a long time to get to where I was willing to ask for help, but I see now that those who really care for you won't see you has less than worthy of their affection, or that you are being a burden, it makes you HUMAN. It shows you have feelings, and concerns, and doubts. That doesn't make you any less of a person, it makes you a PERSON. (((Hugs)))

    1. This is so accurate , there is nothing i could add . I know what its like .

  2. Don't be afraid look help if you need, sometimes is not only about pills and doctors, being open about your problems to someone qualified, you will not be judged and believe me, it becomes easier that have to trust your problems to family or friends, sometimes they can judging and try to help in the wrong way, but their love is necessary to deal those problems.

  3. I know how stressful it is. I did call this morning and end up crying while she told me how many time I will have to wait until there's a place for me.

    I really like that you're very honest with us.

  4. I remember when I told my mum I was depressed its was so hard there is nothing worse...but finally admitting to someone was such a relief I then went on to have 6 sessions of counceling which helped a lot and some of the things I talked about in those sessions I still value today (10 years later) I think the hardest part is saying those initial words 'I need help'

  5. This is so accurate, so many people are scared to try therapy (myself included) and this post basically speaks my mind exactly! Talking to people is the hardest thing ever, but we have to push ourselves to try! You're amazing Sarah :)

  6. Thank you for this. I love how honest you are. There are so many who are scared to get help because of being judged. I'm glad you said something. Maybe it will influence others to seek the help they need.

  7. Hi Sarah I am subscirber of your youtube channel and I visited your lookbook but your blog is the first time. I love your video so much and what you say in those. Just want you to know:)
    And difficulty of asking help is natural in my opinion. Having problem itself is vulnerability and saying that aloud and to someone is not quite easy but choosing to get a theraphy is the effort you are trying to deal with your problem and It is a brave and a good thing.
    Any way now I have a google account (I know crazy right? haha but South Korean was using other Korean sites similar to Google and had no problem so it is just recent that S.Koreans are active in Google I think.) I will visit your both youtube channel and blog. I hope you have a great day Sarah.

  8. thanks for posting this , i understand what its like to realize you may need someone help. And how difficult it is to actually , do it .

  9. I wish I would've seen this a year ago... I had depression for 8 months and it took me the longest time to seek help. I never even told my parents and they never found out about it, I still feel bad about that. At some point I finally realized that I needed help, so I asked them if I could see someone (for other reasons, since I didn't want them to find out). I guess that at first I didn't want to admit that I was weak, and that I couldn't get out of it on my own. But actually, I felt stronger and more confident when I asked for help. I think I also didn't want to go because I didn't want hear unpleasant things about myself and my life. But I don't think there's another way around if we want to feel better : we have to figure out where it all started and the reasons behind it. Today I still see my psychiatrist, and even though I don't need her as much as I used to, it's still nice to know that she will always be there in case I have no one to talk to about something, or help me with other things. I can definitely see the benefits of it in the long run. I support therapy and I think it can be a good thing for everyone.