Saturday, October 1, 2011

MAC Eye Shadow Palette Overview

Nylon (F): pale gold with frosty shimmer
Woodwinked (VP): warm antique gold
Satin Taupe (F): taupe with silver shimmer
Haux (S) (this is the one I couldn't think of in the video.): soft muted rosy brown
Gleam (L): barely pinked gold
All That Glitters (VP): beige with gold pearl
Coquette (S): muted greyish-taupe
Sumptuous Olive (VP): khaki with pearl
Honey Lust (L): bronze-dipped peach
Amber Lights (F): peachy-brown with shimmer
Sketch (V): burgundy with red shimmer
Copperplate (M2): muted mid-tone grey
Shale (S): mauve-plum with subtle shimmer
Cork (S): muted golden brown
Antiqued (VP): ash brown with bronze
Era (S): soft golden beige with shimmer
Naked Lunch (F): minimal pink with shimmer
Brule (S): soft creamy-beige
Twinks (VP): deep plum with pearl
Carbon (M): intense black
Blanc Type (M2): creamy beige
Embark (M): intense reddish brown

Top Row: Carbon, Brule, Nylon, Shale, Haux, Gleam
Row 2: Twinks, Antiqued, Copperplate, Amber Lights, Coquette, Woodwinked
Row 3: Satin Taupe, Era, Cork, Sketch, Sumptuous Olive, All That Glitters
Bottom Row: Blanc Type, Naked Lunch, Honey Lust, Stila Mahogany

Honey Lust, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Gleam, Naked Lunch, Nylon, Brule, Blanc Type, Era, Cork, Haux

Carbon, Twinks, Antiqued, Satin Taupe, Sketch, Copperplate, Shale, Amber Lights, Sumptuous Olive, Coquette


*Shadow descriptions from


  1. great swatches! do you reccomend naked lunch? an allthatglitters? does scrumptiou olive look good on me if i have green/olive eyes? maybe as an eyeliner or something?
    please check out my blog:)

    1. olive will look great on you especially with more earthy tones like brown etc and can be used really well in smokey eyes. The olive would also look great with golds or oranges. Naked lunch would also suit brown eyes for a more neutral palette with creme brulee or browns etc, also would wrok well with the olive or as a base if you're doing liquid liner. Is the same with all that glitters. :)

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