Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yay! It's Vain Sunday!

Is it strange that I look most forward to Vain Sundays? I guess it allows me to post whatever I want, under no guidelines, say what I want. Unfortunately, today I'm sick. Ugh, I can't miss work, I have an interview coming up, (yes I will do an OOTD). Well here are some tips on how I feel better during a head cold:
1. Drink fluids. Hot or cold to soothe. My favorites? Chamomile Tea with honey, and orange juice. I swear that stuff is magic when you're sick.
2. Dayquil and Nyquil. Miracle workers.
3. Ibuprofin to reduce the swollen feeling in your throat.
4. Entertainment, today I'm watching AusNTM cycle 7 alllll day.

I got questions on tumblr about these shoes. They're Sam's (YouTube channel HERE) and she got them at a store called Reflection.

Loki enjoying some coffee. Not really, I don't let her actually drink it.

I also got this ring from the Halloween shop!
I got this ring for $1.99 at the Halloween shop!

I got a little gift in the mail from Sigma! (Giveaway coming soon!)

My new sweater from Windsor :)

This is how lazy I am. This is my makeup desk like everyday.

And of course, for all you stalkers, here are more ways to find me. I recently added a Facebook page for my PossessedByHorror YouTube as well.

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  1. Your awesome! you look so stunningly gorgeous in the top picture!