Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vain Sunday 10/2/11

I've decided that Vain Sunday is going to be a thing now. Possibly each Sunday, but definitely at least twice a month. Basically it gives me freedom to post some pretty pictures of either myself or things that I own, hence "Vain" Sunday. :)

First, can we just talk about my new phone? This means easier to get in touch with me if you like, I'll be updating and tweeting all the time, all my links will be below in case you don't follow me on those, since I know you all want to be stalkers right?
For those wondering, I got the Droid HTC Incredible, and that it is.

Ardell Wispy Lashes

Jewelry Holder from Urban Outfitters

Art from IKEA

Other Blog (disturbing pictures):


  1. Your blog is soo pretty and organized! haha What camera do you use? The photos are great