Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I promise I'm not trying to review only Too Faced products, they're just the ones I reach for to review I suppose. This week, it's Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

First, I never meant to buy this primer. I use other things, LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, Painterly Paint Pot, I did not need a new primer when I got this, but Ulta had a sale for half off, and it was the last one. As a female, you know my temptation, so I tried it on a whim, who knows, maybe it's the holy grail eye primer.
It is.

This makes my shadow last more than any other primer I've ever used, typically I use it with Painterly layered on top of it to even skin tone as this primer dries clear, but on it's own it's heaven.

Just for ratio, this is way too much for both eyes.

You can tell it has quite a moist consistency, and I was surprised how liquidy it was.

Blended it's completely sheer.

Here are some unattractive photos as I am showing you my makeup at the end of the day. xx

(No Flash after 9 hours)

(Flash after 9 hours)

Don't mind the mascara marks, I can't find a way for this not to happen when I apply it.
And I had just relined my waterline. There is no way I can get it to stay that black for 9 hours.

Eyeshadow I'm wearing: Copperplate from MAC

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